Fear, courage and conscious choices

I am in the process of working out what it is that I want from my life. It’s a long process, and I’m right at the start, but I’ve made an observation that might be useful: I am afraid of defining and forming myself through the choices I make. Of course, that’s an illogical fear […]

The benefits of communication technology

Earlier today, I got a glimpse of the benefits of present-day communication technology. I’m so accustomed to being able to talk to anyone and find information about anything at just about any time that I normally don’t give it a second thought. But today I noticed. While I was sitting at my desk in Cape […]

Zuma is not the problem

If you’ve even vaguely glanced at any media source – newspaper, website, social media, etc. – in the last while, you would have noticed a lot of anti-Zuma sentiment. A lot. Everyone has something to say about Zuma. Many extend their opinions to the ANC. And it’s all doom and gloom about how Zuma and […]

The importance of listening

Today I uncovered a flaw in the way I engage with myself and other people. I assume, in some situations, that my view on a subject is more valuable than that of someone else. But that’s not a useful assumption. Instead, it’s a barrier to meaningful conversation. I noticed this following a conversation I had […]

Solar Roadways – Holy Freakin’ S#$t!

I’m a fan of solar power. I mean, I’m a BIG fan. The idea of solar power excites me a whole massive lot. And now there are solar roadways. Holy freakin’ s#$t! I live in South Africa. For those who don’t know, that means I’m constantly surrounded by high-quality, usable sunlight. In summer, we get […]

A tourist in my own city

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be a tourist visiting Cape Town. It’s something I struggle to imagine, because Cape Town is my home. I’m so accustomed to it it’s difficult to see it with fresh eyes. Today I’ve been able to do just that. I’m on leave for a week. Back at […]