Solar Roadways – Holy Freakin’ S#$t!

I’m a fan of solar power. I mean, I’m a BIG fan. The idea of solar power excites me a whole massive lot. And now there are solar roadways. Holy freakin’ s#$t!

I live in South Africa. For those who don’t know, that means I’m constantly surrounded by high-quality, usable sunlight. In summer, we get a lot of sun. In winter, although it rains quite a lot in Cape Town (my city), we still get a lot of sun.

I don’t quite understand why solar power isn’t everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Why aren’t the roof tiles above my head solar panels? Why isn’t the roof of my car a solar panel?

Why on earth are we still producing power using coal when we have a resource – the sun – that is sending us energy that can be harnessed all day? And the sun sends that energy regardless of whether or not we use it. It’s completely free.

I’d never really considered the possibility that roads could be used to generate solar power – I’m not an engineer, so the details of the materials required is a bit beyond my experience.

I’d thought that solar panels could be used alongside roadways, or above them, or at least to power all streetlights. But the idea of the entire roadway generating solar power is just awesome. It really, really needs to catch on.

The benefits of solar roadways, as designed by Scott and Julie Brusaw in Idaho, USA, far exceed what I’ve mentioned above. Just generating power is only the beginning. To see a whole lot more about the product, take a look at their promo video:

If, like me, you think this is just the most ridiculously awesome idea of ever, head over to the Solar Roadways Indiegogo page to make a donation towards the project.

Holy freakin’ s#$t! I’m so excited right now.


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