Sometimes I wish I were blind

Wouldn’t it be great to be blind? No, seriously. Think about it. Not all the time, of course. Just when seeing results in judging. I asked a good friend of mine the other day if he would still love his girlfriend if she became significantly less attractive than she is now. His answer was “Of […]

FOMO results from lack of perspective

This morning, I declined a request to connect on LinkedIn. It was tougher to do than you might expect. I’d delayed it for months. Why did it take so long? Because of the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). We live in the era of FOMO. That fear leads people to do things simply because they […]

My worst habit: surrendering control

We all strive to live independent lives in which we make decisions freely and avoid being controlled by other people, circumstances and objects, right? Nope. That’s completely wrong. My experience is that we spend our lives surrendering our freedom to just about anyone or anything at just about any time. At least I seem to. Some […]

Note-taking has changed my life

“Great idea. I must remember that.” I’ve thought those words more times in my life than I could possibly count. Almost inevitably, I forget the bright idea and am left wondering what on earth it could have been. There are exceptions, but they don’t occur very often, and they aren’t necessarily the best of my […]

Yoda got it right: There really is no try

I have a difficult relationship with failure. The source of the difficulty is fear. I am afraid to fail. As a result, I hold back, which makes failure virtually certain in many situations. I’ve known about my fear of failure for some time. It’s something I’d like to change, and I’ve given it a fair […]

Follow your dreams, even if they kill you

On Saturday morning, I woke up to some sad news: Jules Bianchi, a 25-year old Formula 1 driver, had died from injuries sustained in a crash last October. I blog about Formula 1 at and have done so throughout Bianchi’s short Formula 1 career. He was one of the drivers I rated highly, and I […]

The value of real human stories

This morning, by chance, I came across the blog of Mara Wilson – the actress who played Natalie Hillard in Mrs Doubtfire and the title-role of Matilda in the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s wonderful book. After not much reading (there will certainly be more), I was struck by the enormous value of real human stories. […]